Category:Hand washing - Wikimedia Commons- aesop rửa tay jpg ,May 10, 2020· News Photo 110421-F-ET173-114 - Lt. Danna Convoy teaches children how to properly wash their hands during a Continuing Promise community service event in Kingston Jamaica on.jpg 3,727 × 2,715; 1.5 MBAesop | History, Fables, & Facts | BritannicaAesop, the supposed author of a collection of Greek fables, almost certainly a legendary figure.Various attempts were made in ancient times to establish him as an actual personage. Herodotus in the 5th century bce said that he had lived in the 6th century and that he was a slave, and Plutarch in the 1st century ce made him adviser to Croesus, the 6th-century-bce king of Lydia.