Tay-Sachs disease | Genetic and Rare Diseases Information ...- chg01 dirodal sạch tay ,Jan 22, 2018·Tay-Sachs disease is a rare, inherited neurodegenerative disease. People with Tay-Sachs disease do not have enough of an enzyme called beta-hexosaminidase A. The less enzyme a person has, the more severe the disease and the earlier that symptoms appear. There are 3 forms of Tay-Sachs disease, distinguished by the general age of onset:About Tay-Sachs Disease - Genome.govMar 17, 2011·Tay-Sachs disease (TSD) is a fatal genetic disorder, most commonly occurring in children, that results in progressive destruction of the nervous system. Tay-Sachs is caused by the absence of a vital enzyme called hexosaminidase-A (Hex-A). Without Hex-A, a fatty substance, or lipid, called GM2 ganglioside accumulates abnormally in cells ...

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Tay-Sachs . April Jones. Rabun County High School. July 16, 2004. This presentation is an example of a PowerPoint presentation that might be created on Tay-Sachs. It is provided for your reference. Outline. Genetic Description. a) Absence of enzyme. b) Gene information. c) Contributing factors and inheritance.

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